An Interview with Karen Fireirro


Hello everyone, today we’re taking a breather from the tour of Courin, but we aren’t leaving the world of Predgarians behind.

I have been nominated by my fellow author Debbie Jinks to take part in the Sunshine Blogger Award. I feel quite honoured actually, there are many writers out there she could’ve asked and I happen to be one of the few which made her list.

So, next I’ll give you a little information as to what the Sunshine Blogger Award is all about. Debbie has given me ten questions, but I can’t answer them. I have to choose a single character from one of my stories and let them do it. Even worse, the questions are mostly about me!

I’ve chosen to bring in Karen Fireirro, a character from my up-coming book, Jackal’s Gambit, which is book one in the Predgarian series.

After, I get to nominate people myself – up to 11, and give them ten questions of my own so their characters can bare their author’s soul. Fun, yes?

So without further ado, let’s hop over to Karen and see what she has to say.

  1. Do you think your author should have given you a special talent like being a time traveller, or a mathematical genius for example? (Depending on his/her writing genre).

Well, she was nice enough to give me some defence with my ice powers and precognition, but starting me off with no medallion to boost my power is daunting, especially when the Sarpiens catch up to me.

  1. Does your author think she’s in control or can you make her do your bidding?

There’s really no think about it. She is in control. I’m stuck here in this mess whether I like it or not. She does let me deviate a little, occasionally go a different route, but the end result is still the same.

  1. What is your least favourite character that she has written into the story?

That’s an easy one. Have you got any idea how much easier my life would be if I wasn’t looking over my shoulder every five minutes, waiting for the next time Jackal was going to show up? I could definitely do without him existing, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

  1. If you could be a different character who/what would you be?

Anyone. I don’t care who, I’d swap places with any passerby on the street. I wish I could be normal, have a permanent home, a job, an actual life.

  1. Do you like the world she has built around you? If not what would you change about it?

…no. Everything that I am, everything that’s happened to me is because of the sclithe. If they didn’t exist I wouldn’t be where I am now, I wouldn’t be running for my life. My author is sadistic, I’m sure she gets a kick out of how much pain she’s putting me through.

  1. Has she given you a lover? Are you happy with her choice?

(Glances at author resentfully.) I don’t have a lover. I don’t want a lover. I don’t need a lover. I’ve seen my author’s notes, I know what she’s planning – it’s all a very bad idea and I don’t like it.

  1. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

My appearance. If I looked completely different then the Sarpiens would have a much harder time tracking me down.

  1. Do you think she has made you sound pretty/handsome or should she have worked harder on that?

Pretty? It’s not something I really think about. I know she writes quite often that I’d be very pretty if I smiled a bit more. My author and I both know why I’m here though. I may need her to exist, but she needs me to kick ass and drive the story forwards. I’m not here to be pretty, I’m here to fight.

  1. What habit does your author have that really irritates you?

She leaves me hanging a lot. We’ll be in the thick of it, Sarpiens all around, a sclithe roaring in the distance, fireballs and streaks of energy shooting in all directions – and she’ll end the chapter! Even worse, she’ll decide to focus on someone else for like, the next five chapters and I’m just stood there in a staring match with all my worst enemies…and getting hungry.

  1. Do you think your author is a talented writer? Or could she do with taking a few courses?

She’s not bad. I think despite all the pain, all the fear, I’m still happy to be alive. I wish she’d take a course on writing weak enemies – it’d make my job so much easier. She’s changed a lot lately. She completely rewrote my introduction story. It’s been interesting and somewhat embarrassing. She focuses much more on my thoughts and emotions now. That’s a little daunting, I don’t like people to know what I’m feeling.

And there you have it. She didn’t embarrass me too much. You’ll have to excuse her moodiness, she gets grumpy from time to time, especially when there’s something else she’d rather be doing.

So, now I hand over the gauntlet, I’ve chosen five people to interview their characters, and they are:

Chris Long

K.T. McQueen

Jack Strange

Sara Jayne Townsend and

Sarah E Smith

And here are my questions:

  1. Are you content with the world around you? or do you wish you could live in your author’s world?
  2. If you weren’t being moved forwards by your author’s story, what do you think you’d be doing or spending your time?
  3. Do you like what your author intends for you? or do you find it boring/frightening?
  4. If you could spend one chapter in someone else’s story, whose would it be?
  5. Would you like to have your author in the same world as you?
  6. Do you consider your author a friend? or more of a hindrance or enemy?
  7. Are you happy with the appearance your author has given you?
  8. Is there someone in the story you’d like to do bad things to?
  9. Do you hope to appear in a sequel? Or are you looking forward to your story ending?
  10. What would you do to scare your author?

2 thoughts on “An Interview with Karen Fireirro

  1. I love the answers Karen gave to my questions Christine. I knew you’d be good at this and I was right. Karen sounds like a cool chick, she’s done you proud. Don’t forget to post this in the Monday Masterpiece thread in ‘All Write’.

    Liked by 1 person

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