So today, as the title implies, I’m going to talk about medallions. Now I know Blue Phoenix mentioned a few facts about medallions during the tour, but he was trying not to give away to his guest that he was in fact a medallion warrior, so he glossed over a lot of it.

So to recap, medallions are magical talismans first created (invented would sound kinda wrong) by the Rjhr. Yes, I swear that’s a word. That’s the name of a species but I’m afraid that’s the closest we can get to pronouncing it. I would go into a lecture about them but they’re not really important…well they are, they created medallions, and the mirror network…never mind, the Rjhr and their magical crafting skills have got nothing to do with Predgarians so just…forget about them.

Anyway, the Courinese medallions are crafted by the Unicians, one of the most magically-talented peoples on their world. They merge the enchanted metal with the souls of animals (I swear no animals were harmed in the making of this blog.)

The medallions though, come in a variety of colours. When first formed, despite being metal, they appear as clear as glass. Only when they are put on and the soul of the animal links with the wearer do they change colour.

The five Orders put great value on the various colours which the large coins take, because they indicate their level of Power potential and fighting prowess.

The brown is considered the lowest rank, indicating the first level of skill in martial arts, though earning the right to a medallion at all is no small feat. After this there is grey, bronze, silver and gold.

These are merely the physical aspects however. There are also other basic colours, namely: red, blue and purple. These three indicate not only an ability with the elements of fire, water, ice, electricity or air but also that they perhaps rely on these gifts more than physical combat.

The white medallion is sought after in every attack group or unit, because these are the healers of the Orders.

Above these in rank is the green. This indicates not only that they are adept in the Power but very often can use more than one type of energy. As well as aura energy (bolts of pure power similar to plasma,) green warriors may also be found using fire or electricity and who knows what else.

The other ranks above red, blue and purple are the elemental medallions. These share the same rank as a green. Elemental warriors are people with a special affinity to a specific element, granting them brighter and more powerful armour. These are known as fire warriors, or ice, water, thunder or wind.

So before I go on, the ranking order of colours are brown, grey, blue, red, purple or white, green or elemental, bronze, silver and gold.

There is one other rank though, and it’s a right nuisance. It’s called the colourless. This is not exactly rare but definitely uncommon. It occurs when a warrior is especially compatible with their medallion. For some reason their minds, the way they think is just a tiny bit too similar to the animal’s and it affects them. A colourless warrior will be that tiny bit faster, that tiny bit stronger, able to go that tiny bit further.

In these cases, the medallions take on the colour of the animal itself, so it’s usually obvious that they have one. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell what level of skill they are by simply looking at them. Once they’ve been met in battle, tested as it were, then it becomes easier. But if you’re meeting one in battle be on your guard. At the first opportunity, a colourless will have you.

There was one other rank, the orange, which sometimes upgraded to earth. There hasn’t been anyone on Courin with that ability for a good six hundred years though.

That more or less covers it on medallions. Oh, there is one more thing. Medallions can upgrade. If a warrior continues to train and better themselves, then it is entirely possible the medallion might promote them by changing colour – not that common, but it does happen.

Oh, and lastly, medallions are conscious. They don’t really have any concept of wrong or right, or good and evil – which is why the Sarpiens can use them, but they are aware. Warriors have to be mindful of that, overusing them to the point of fatigue can make them grumpy or mistrustful and trust me, you really don’t want to be wearing a grumpy medallion during a fight.

The Sarpiens

There is only so much known of the sinister cult which serves the sclithe. In the past they have been overheard referring to themselves as “the Sarpien Order,” which annoys the five Orders of Light no end, as I’m sure you can imagine.

The public fears their appearance, especially in large numbers. They are unpredictable, causing chaos wherever they go. When the Sarpiens are in a good mood, the area will only suffer minor damage, say a few smashed windows, some stolen goods. On a bad day, people might be hospitalised, perhaps even die.

Sometimes people are taken, for what purpose no one can say. Speculation keeps the masses shivering in their homes, fearing the next raid will land them in some dark pit slaving away, or laid out on an altar, being sacrificed to their reptilian gods.

Despite the sinister and foreboding tag of “cult” being pinned upon them, they do appear to be a military body. Each set of Sarpiens are led by a man or woman they call general, and the Sarpiens obey this ranked leader just as they do the sclithe.

It is not known how a Sarpien rises to this rank but what is known, is that each general has a group of special warriors around them to help keep the rest of the recruits in check.

These special Sarpiens are referred to as the Elite. They often prove their right to the title on a daily basis. Where a group of 10-15 Sarpiens would be cause for alarm, the public calling on the Dakkonin and Predgarians, it only takes a single Elite Sarpien to cause the same relative damage and fear.

It’s not always easy to identify Elites, it’s not as if they wear armour that’s any different most of the time. Warriors with bronze or silver medallions usually make for a decent guess. The big giveaway is the reaction of the Orders. If you see a single Sarpien in the street and an entire unit of Dakkonin descending upon them, then you can be fairly sure you’re looking at an Elite.

Then of course, there are Sarpiens that simply transcend. Just like in the five Orders, there are specific Sarpien warriors out there that you would have to be living under a rock to not recognise.

I don’t have the time to go through all the worlds most nefarious characters, but let’s talk about a few of them.

The first I suppose would have to be the Praying Mantis. He’s been around for a good fifty odd years. He’s an assassin, and one of the Dakkonin’s highest priorities. He’s fast on his feet, experienced, and carries two daggers coated in a lethal poison. Because these daggers are created from his medallion, even armoured warriors are not immune to the dreaded green tint of his weapons.

He’s earned his fame by killing. He prides himself on his death-count. This isn’t just a collection of random killings though. He’s probably killed hundreds not on that list. The death-count is reserved for medallion warriors only, people he deemed worthy opponents. He especially favours Dakkonin, targeting Predgarians and Unicians only rarely.

Moving on, let’s talk about the Bronze Cobra. Most people have heard of him simply because he’s been alive for at least a hundred years. He’s a secretive individual and is not seen in the open often, so obtaining specific information about him is difficult.

The holder of a bronze medallion, he is a competent warrior but don’t let the colour fool you. Despite being skilled in martial arts he is also a Power-user and has been known to unleash emerald aura energy at people, proving he’s the level of a green warrior (the highest level of power usable by medallion warriors.)

On top of this, Cobra is also a sorcerer. His level of skill is unknown but there are several documented occasions of him using various incantations and the shadowy tendrils of power that can only be summoned and directed by delving into black magic.

The last on the list I want to talk about today is the Red Jackal. Yes, the iconic Bloodrunner himself. Quite frankly, there’s nothing I could say you probably don’t know already but since we’re here I’ll tell you anyway.

The Red Jackal is possibly the youngest of the three I’ve mentioned thus far. Stories have been circulating about him for the last twenty years but a bit of delving reveals he’s been around for about forty. There is some speculation as to what changed halfway through his career as a Sarpien. One minute he’s just an average Sarpien, the next he’s risen to general and is raiding sporadically all over the world.

Whatever happened, it changed him from the run-of-the-mill to something special. When I say special I mean downright dreadful of course.

You might be wondering why I called him the Bloodrunner. There are several reasons. The obvious one is his weapons. Jackal’s weapon of choice is the sabre, with one minor alteration. The trademark of the Red Jackal is the serrated edge of his weapons, designed to tear and saw through his opponents as well as to cut and stab. His knives and daggers are all of the same design but it is Jackal himself, with his crimson armour and mullet of blazing hair, brandishing his often already bloody sabre, charging at the head of an army towards an unsuspecting village which makes one have sudden panicked thoughts about their own mortality.

I think what I’ve said gives you a good idea of what the Red Jackal is like without me going into the numerous raids, killing sprees and battles he’s initiated. Try to avoid him. He’s not only dangerous, but usually has a horde of Sarpiens under his command as well.

The Invasion

Today’s the day. We all knew it was coming, and if you didn’t – really? What planet are you on? obviously not Courin.

Today, I’m going to tell you about the dreaded Sarpiens. The Sarpiens, yes, those nasty, nasty people who pillage, kidnap and murder people – sometimes even all on the same day.

The Sarpiens are there, always in the public eye, rioting cities and causing the innocent to cower in their homes, praying that their awful gazes will not turn in their humble direction.

However, if one is a medallion warrior, then one must think of the bigger picture, and sadly, the Sarpiens are mere flies next to the ones they call their lords and masters.

I am of course, talking about the sclithe. Now, here’s the interesting thing about the sclithe, in a world where science and magic live side by side, a sorcerer can be as adept at spell-weaving as he is engineering. In a world where you have a city hidden by magic and another floating thanks to technological advances, in a world inhabited by basilisks, unicorns, dragons, krakans, giant spiders – it would be an easy assumption that the sclithe are locals.

This is not the case. The sclithe are very much not local, in fact, no one knows their origin. Their anatomy is in some ways similar to other life-forms to be found in the galaxy but in others completely unique.

The Asterion Empire comprises the worlds of several solar systems. Their exploration still goes on and if asked they could name several civilizations out there that are not currently residing under the Empire’s lofty banner. Despite this, even the Asterions have no clue in which direction the sclithe could have slithered from.

Sadly, what we do know of the sclithe is not particularly enlightening, just frightening.

The sclithe and Asterions have just one thing in common, they both want dominion. Now I use that word loosely when it comes to the Asterions because their form of empire seems to be, ‘hey, wanna join our club? we have free stuff.’

The Asterions will gladly let the various worlds of the empire run their planets the way they see fit – so long as they can have their name on the ownership certificate.

The small but intelligent species loves trade and materialism, and I fear may be on a personal crusade to own everything. However, that aside, we are not here to talk about Asterions.

The sclithe too want dominion, but theirs comes in the form of slavery and forced worship. They believe themselves to be the rightful rulers of the universe, they believe themselves gods, for want of a better term.

They feel that lesser species such as Humans, Asterions, Iraji, Courinese should all serve and worship them.

The sclithe have infested multiple worlds, plummeting through the atmosphere in their pods and burrowing into the ground. When they impact, there is usually at least one or two of their Sarpien servants with them – their first task to bolster their numbers.

While the sclithe carve out their underground domain, the Sarpiens seek out worthy initiates, usually in the form of warriors, sometimes good negotiators or politicians, it depends on what kind of world they find themselves upon.

Even worse, it is not always evident when someone has become a Sarpien. All Sarpiens bear the mark of their master upon their left arm, but there is rumour that this can be disguised. If there is any truth in this rumour then the galaxy truly is doomed.

The Asterion Empire does not have the means to make war upon the sclithe on all its fronts, but has aided the worlds best they can. In Courin’s case the aid came in the form of medallions.

This has created great heroes such as the generals, Jaguar and Red Dragon, but the Sarpiens upon Courin have managed to procure medallions for themselves. For every stalwart of the five Orders it seems the Sarpien Order has a bloodthirsty villain to match them – but I will tell you about those next week.

The Five Orders

The five Orders of Light fight valiantly against the evil tide of Sarpiens and their masters, the sclithe. Each Order has a specific role but the Predgarians, Pharollin and Unicians are often considered supporting forces for the Dakkonin and Darphon.

These two Orders put all of their time and effort into sclithe hunting. The Dakkonin, like the other Orders, have units dispersed all over the world, vigilantly watching for danger, but the eyes of the people are drawn to the Eth’shea.

Eth’shea, an ancient Draconian word. It meant hunter, but much more as well. It meant the swiftest, the deadliest, the most accurate and experienced – it meant the best.

These special units, each led by a gold warrior, hop around the globe travelling to hot-spots, the places where Sarpien activity is most rife. The Dakkonin general, Red Dragon, is constantly on the move also, the enemy quaking in fear of the Imoma’tlim Hunshenocha – the general’s ominous battle cruiser.

The Dakkonin’s methods are efficient but very often harsh. They are known to charge in, sometimes without proof or reason, causing bloodshed to more than just their targets.

This reputation has created a fear of them, and many run from them just as they would Sarpiens. Despite this, it cannot be denied that the Order reach results, the Sarpiens being kept in check by the constant Dakkonin raids.

The Darphon might be much the same, but they are so far removed from the rest of the world that it has most likely escaped people’s notice.

Some time ago, the Darphon, with the help of Asterion technology, established their base in Delphinium, the ancient underwater city.

Only the Darphon have access to this beautiful relic of the past, now restored and liveable thanks to powerful energy shields which keep the ocean out.

The Darphon have a very important task, though it is overlooked by many living in the cities of the land. The sclithe are very good swimmers and can stay submerged for a shockingly long time.

The Darphon are sclithe hunters as well, but focus entirely on enemy movement beneath the oceans. This is a doubly dangerous task, because there are many creatures native to Courin living in the oceans – extremely large and predatory ones.

It has been almost 900 years since the sclithe invasion and in that time, the Darphon have changed, the mission of eradication their only purpose.

The Darphon are now more of a separate culture than they are an Order, their ethics, opinions and ideals sometimes differing quite greatly from the rest of the world.

Children born in Delphinium become Darphon warriors and the elderly to be found there used to be Darphon as well.

The city is led by Lord Krakan, the next in line to hold the founding medallion given to the Darphon so long ago.

Working in their own specific areas, the Darphon and Dakkonin have not overcome the sclithe threat, but have stabilised it and continue to chip away at the Sarpien force, confident that they will one day overcome.

This does not mean the other three Orders are less important (no matter the Dakkonin’s opinion on the matter.)

The Pharollin, though appearing often aloof ensure the world stays united whilst the sclithe threat is still active, and also ensures the other Orders don’t fall out with each other.

The Predgarians and Unicians have been long-standing allies. The Predgarians mission is to protect the public during the hostilities. This is not always the easiest task, especially when the Dakkonin charge in, guns blazing.

In their efforts to ensure the citizens safety they often clash with the Dakkonin, accused of getting in the way of their hunts. The Predgarians are very rarely baited by the hunters though, simply reciting the code of their Order and going about their business.

The Predgarians are well-liked by the populace, very often seen as the one Order which shows real consideration for them.

The Unicians are devoted to healing and preservation of life. They often accompany Dakkonin on large raids and into battle to help in the aftermath, healing any injured.

Though they are mostly based in Unicia itself, there are small groups of them to be found all over the world, healing, aiding the other Orders and making new medallions as well as repairing any damaged ones which are brought to them.

It is thought that if the day should finally arrive that Courin partakes in that last battle which will rid them of their enemy, then the Unicians might well be the deciding factor. Their aptitude for healing often borders on the miraculous.



I’m sorry to say we’ve reached our final destination. What a place to end the tour though. Today we visit Phoenicia, Courin’s crown.

You may have marvelled at Unicia’s marble temples and Joinstohm’s skyscrapers, but now you will behold the sight which half the empire flocks to see – the floating citadel of the Pharollin.

Like Predgariah, Phoenicia is a city devoted to an Order. Civilians find themselves invited there only very rarely. Be on your best behaviour, you’re about to meet the oldest and most important man on Courin – High Consul Phoenix.

He leads the Pharollin and since the Order deal with most of the contracts and obligations between us and Asterion, you could say he runs the world.

There are several parties that would disagree with that statement of course, the queen of Unicia, the general of the Dakkonin, but what they don’t know won’t harm them – at least not in this case.

Ah, here we are. I recommend you take a look out the hopper window, you won’t want to miss this.

As you can see the golden city is perfect, the broad platform it’s built upon is a giant circular disc with landing platforms at five different intervals.

The four towers you see house the thrusters. Together, they along with the main thrusters in the centre keep Phoenicia afloat.

Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe. Phoenicia has held in place for almost four hundred years. The Pharollin used to operate in the city of Sharan, but decided they needed a new location, a city of their own.

The Pharollin exist to maintain peace on Courin whilst the alien threat of the sclithe continues. To help achieve that end, they put a city in the sky, above the rest of the world. They wanted a place that could be completely neutral.

The main thrusters are housed directly beneath the Pharollin citadel, where the High Consul and the Council reside. The master controls of Phoenicia are almost as well-guarded as the Consul himself.

It didn’t use to be the case, but over the last couple of hundred years the Pharollin have slowly changed, now every warrior in the Order is an Avian.

Hm? Why’s that relevant? Avian warriors have wings. Yes, actual wings. There was no law ever passed saying that only Avians were allowed in the Order, it’s just become that way.

The Pharollin are considered quite aloof when compared to the other Orders. Some even go so far as to say the Order is unneeded.

The existence of the Pharollin and of Phoenicia is very important though. It doesn’t matter how many sclithe hunters there are out in the field, if there was no one keeping the peace in the background then the planet would’ve fallen by now.

If there was no one making the nations play nice with one another and with the empire, the Dakkonin and Darphon wouldn’t be able to operate. They’d be too busy trying to make individual contracts and treaties, constantly having to attend meetings, hearings, audiences, having no choice but to pay homage to the dignitaries and nobility.

As it stands, the Pharollin do all that for them, so they can focus all their time and energy on fighting the sclithe and their Sarpiens.

I apologise, I got a little carried away.

When we land we’ll be heading directly to the citadel, you’ve been given a suite courtesy of Blue Phoenix. He’s a member of the Pharollin Council, a man of high rank. He’s used to playing host for dignitaries from all over the world and many from off-world as well, so the accommodations should leave nothing to be desired.

Formal? I don’t sound formal…maybe a little – Phoenicia does that to you. I’ll make sure you get to visit the Street while you’re here, it’s quite the sight.

The Street is aptly named. It’s somewhat akin to a town centre or a market. It’s a strip that runs from the centre of Phoenicia to the southern rim. It’s there that the people residing in Phoenicia can buy anything they could possibly desire – from rare and exotic art to pizza and burgers.

You’ll get to observe one of the Council sittings too. I’m not sure what’s on the agenda, but I’m sure you’ll find it educational.

Oh, just a little warning, when you’re sat in the High Court, don’t tell any lies – they have truth crystals.


So, a few weeks ago I mentioned that after seeing the sights in Joinstohm and Steiron I might have a surprise for you.

All right, here it is. After appearing in several different places, like Sziph, Unicia, Ishetta, people have become interested in our little tour – as you no doubt realised whilst in Joinstohm.

Don’t worry though, this time, we’ve attracted good publicity. You see, there are certain individuals here on Courin who feel they don’t want to be unrepresented.

So a couple of locations that would normally have restricted access are now open to us. You could go so far as to say we’ve been invited.

We’re going to backtrack a bit and take a hopper to Predas. We’re going to meet the local Predgarians and get another hopper ride, which will take us to Predgariah. Let’s go, it’ll be better if I explain about the city whilst we’re there.

There are a few points about Predgariah that everyone on Courin knows, so I’ll start by telling you those first. Predgariah is often referred to as the hidden city. This isn’t a phrase coined in history by some abstract or cryptic poet. Predgariah literally is invisible. Its location is a well-kept secret. There is some very powerful magic ensuring the city remains unseen.

Many people, including the general public, are pretty sure Predgariah can be found around Predas, but no one knows its specific location. Anyone going there is taken by hopper, and the co-ordinates are kept secret.

Back almost a thousand years ago, when Courin joined the Empire and the five Orders were established, the Predgarians took up the city of Ortheil as their base. As time went on it was decided they needed somewhere more secure however, somewhere they could train their warriors in safety and secrecy.

This was very important because the Predgarian Order’s task was to protect the people of Courin from danger whilst some of the other Orders prioritised hunting and killing the Sarpiens. It was shortly after they began their task that they decided complete anonymity was required. (It can be difficult to catch a break when the people you’re sworn to protect recognise you off-duty.)

The city of Predgariah was built for this task. The Order finally left Ortheil to its own devices but out of respect for the protectors, the small province renamed their city to Predas.

So now you know the basic points. Predgariah is hidden, was built specifically for the Order and is where the majority of its warriors are trained.

The Order is presently led by General Jaguar. He is an experienced warrior who led the Predgarian forces involved in the Purge up in Cuhain. He spends a lot of time around Joinstohm and some other locations as well as training recruits in Predgariah though, so he may not be there when we arrive. Most likely we’ll be met by some of the Predgarian elders who keep the place running.

The elders form a kind of council, they cover various departments but the general has final say in what happens.

The city of Predgariah itself looks very nice. Like most of their temples scattered across Courin, the place is overflowing with gardens, flowerbeds and hanging baskets.

Why? Representation I think. The Predgarians value life, I suppose you could say they revere it. Here on Courin we have a New Life celebration every year. We celebrate the turning of the seasons and the growth of new life (hence the name.) When you enter a Predgarian temple it feels like they’re celebrating that time, even if it’s autumn or winter outside.

Predgariah is shaped like a giant square, all sides bordered by high stone walls. In the centre, between all the flowers, you’ll find the expansive training grounds, placed around the citadel where the council preside. There’s also a large shopping centre beneath the grounds for all their needs and wants.

I want to make sure we visit the warehouse, as they call it. I’ve never had opportunity to visit Predgariah before today and apparently, Predgarians are very good at making ice cream.

An Interview with Karen Fireirro


Hello everyone, today we’re taking a breather from the tour of Courin, but we aren’t leaving the world of Predgarians behind.

I have been nominated by my fellow author Debbie Jinks to take part in the Sunshine Blogger Award. I feel quite honoured actually, there are many writers out there she could’ve asked and I happen to be one of the few which made her list.

So, next I’ll give you a little information as to what the Sunshine Blogger Award is all about. Debbie has given me ten questions, but I can’t answer them. I have to choose a single character from one of my stories and let them do it. Even worse, the questions are mostly about me!

I’ve chosen to bring in Karen Fireirro, a character from my up-coming book, Jackal’s Gambit, which is book one in the Predgarian series.

After, I get to nominate people myself – up to 11, and give them ten questions of my own so their characters can bare their author’s soul. Fun, yes?

So without further ado, let’s hop over to Karen and see what she has to say.

  1. Do you think your author should have given you a special talent like being a time traveller, or a mathematical genius for example? (Depending on his/her writing genre).

Well, she was nice enough to give me some defence with my ice powers and precognition, but starting me off with no medallion to boost my power is daunting, especially when the Sarpiens catch up to me.

  1. Does your author think she’s in control or can you make her do your bidding?

There’s really no think about it. She is in control. I’m stuck here in this mess whether I like it or not. She does let me deviate a little, occasionally go a different route, but the end result is still the same.

  1. What is your least favourite character that she has written into the story?

That’s an easy one. Have you got any idea how much easier my life would be if I wasn’t looking over my shoulder every five minutes, waiting for the next time Jackal was going to show up? I could definitely do without him existing, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

  1. If you could be a different character who/what would you be?

Anyone. I don’t care who, I’d swap places with any passerby on the street. I wish I could be normal, have a permanent home, a job, an actual life.

  1. Do you like the world she has built around you? If not what would you change about it?

…no. Everything that I am, everything that’s happened to me is because of the sclithe. If they didn’t exist I wouldn’t be where I am now, I wouldn’t be running for my life. My author is sadistic, I’m sure she gets a kick out of how much pain she’s putting me through.

  1. Has she given you a lover? Are you happy with her choice?

(Glances at author resentfully.) I don’t have a lover. I don’t want a lover. I don’t need a lover. I’ve seen my author’s notes, I know what she’s planning – it’s all a very bad idea and I don’t like it.

  1. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

My appearance. If I looked completely different then the Sarpiens would have a much harder time tracking me down.

  1. Do you think she has made you sound pretty/handsome or should she have worked harder on that?

Pretty? It’s not something I really think about. I know she writes quite often that I’d be very pretty if I smiled a bit more. My author and I both know why I’m here though. I may need her to exist, but she needs me to kick ass and drive the story forwards. I’m not here to be pretty, I’m here to fight.

  1. What habit does your author have that really irritates you?

She leaves me hanging a lot. We’ll be in the thick of it, Sarpiens all around, a sclithe roaring in the distance, fireballs and streaks of energy shooting in all directions – and she’ll end the chapter! Even worse, she’ll decide to focus on someone else for like, the next five chapters and I’m just stood there in a staring match with all my worst enemies…and getting hungry.

  1. Do you think your author is a talented writer? Or could she do with taking a few courses?

She’s not bad. I think despite all the pain, all the fear, I’m still happy to be alive. I wish she’d take a course on writing weak enemies – it’d make my job so much easier. She’s changed a lot lately. She completely rewrote my introduction story. It’s been interesting and somewhat embarrassing. She focuses much more on my thoughts and emotions now. That’s a little daunting, I don’t like people to know what I’m feeling.

And there you have it. She didn’t embarrass me too much. You’ll have to excuse her moodiness, she gets grumpy from time to time, especially when there’s something else she’d rather be doing.

So, now I hand over the gauntlet, I’ve chosen five people to interview their characters, and they are:

Chris Long

K.T. McQueen

Jack Strange

Sara Jayne Townsend and

Sarah E Smith

And here are my questions:

  1. Are you content with the world around you? or do you wish you could live in your author’s world?
  2. If you weren’t being moved forwards by your author’s story, what do you think you’d be doing or spending your time?
  3. Do you like what your author intends for you? or do you find it boring/frightening?
  4. If you could spend one chapter in someone else’s story, whose would it be?
  5. Would you like to have your author in the same world as you?
  6. Do you consider your author a friend? or more of a hindrance or enemy?
  7. Are you happy with the appearance your author has given you?
  8. Is there someone in the story you’d like to do bad things to?
  9. Do you hope to appear in a sequel? Or are you looking forward to your story ending?
  10. What would you do to scare your author?